After only 4 weeks you could be a          dress or pants size smaller
No screaming or shouting 
Boot camp suits everyone of all                 shapes and sizes.
Get your friends and family                           together.
Take your fitness to a whole new                level.
Enjoy getting fit in a team                             environment.
Get fast results with our 8 session             program.
•        Increase your strength and                         endurance.
Push yourself to new heights by a             motivated  trainer.
No fitness required or exercise                   limitations.
See what the fun is all about.
Do something for yourself that will            reap benefits.
Men and women of all fitness levels, sizes, and ages are welcome
Gabby’s Camp Badonkadonk Fitness Boot Camp will help you get into shape, reduce stress, lose weight, increase energy, build confidence, and make new friends. Why spend time shut indoors, sweating on that treadmill as you watch the world go by when you can be out in the world, getting fit, losing weight, and having fun?

Regardless of your age or fitness level, if you live in or around Crosby and want to get in shape, drop those extra pounds, build muscle, and actually have fun while doing it, Camp Badonkadonk Fitness Boot Camp is the boot camp for you!

The first thing that happens after you enlist in the fitness camp is an assessment of all recruits. I want to make sure my recruits are healthy enough to participate — remember, this is a Fitness Boot Camp, not a shuffleboard club! If you have never taken the stairs as long as there was an elevator somewhere in the building, this program is for you. If just thinking about working out makes you winded, it’s time to sign up! If you are already a competitive athlete who’s looking to change up your routine, Camp Badonkadonk Fitness Boot Camp is for you, too! Classes are designed to meet every recruit’s fitness level. 

What if I don’t feel fit enough to enlist? 

All the more reason for you to be there. Camp Badonkadonk  is for ANYONE and EVERYONE. No recruit is ever left behind or asked to perform anything they physically are not ready to do. All ages and abilities are welcome to participate. Individuals of every skill level benefit immensely, from the couch-potato novice to the professional athlete. You do not need to be in shape to join.  I will continually push you harder every day so that you always see progress and get the best results. 

Camp Badonkadonk is for people of every age, size, shape or fitness level. Male and female. Old and young. Short and tall. Fit, and not-so-fit. All we ask is that every recruit who enlists agrees to do their best. Get it? You don’t have to be in the best shape of your life to join — that’s why you’re enlisting, to get in the best shape of your life! And I won’t yell at you or make you wear khaki or camoflauge! Iwill provide positive motivation so I can help you become the best you, ever.

Why should I participate in Fitness Boot Camp? 

If you enlist in Camp Badonkadonk, you will make a dramatic improvement in your physical and mental well-being. You will begin to acquire a completely new body that will no doubt make you proud!  You’ll also meet great people who share your same passion for developing a healthier body and mind. 

Lastly, by participating in Camp Badonkadonk, you will also receive a free Camp Badonkadonk T-Shirt.

How do you keep recruits motivated?

Motivation is probably the biggest key to your success. Our course is continuously altered to keep recruits’ motivation levels high. No two workouts will ever be the same! Not only is this the mark of a well-designed program, but it also prevents the boredom that many people experience after committing to a long-term fitness regimen. Each Fitness Boot Camp recruit starts and finishes together. This bonds individuals into a group, making it easier to stay dedicated to the program. 

What type of exercises are included in the program?

Camp Badonkadonk exercises include: crunches, short-distance running, lunges, calisthenics, jumping rope, obstacle courses, PAR course, push-ups, much more! I use a wide variety of training techniques to make it fun for you to get fit! From my years of experience as a trainer, I have developed this unique approach to fitness, using a wide variety of techniques to get you fit fast! This complete training method will provide you the opportunity to attain total health and wellness. 

What is the structure of the sessions?

Each class begins with a good stretch, followed by a workout that combines strength, ability, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility exercises. Fitness assessments are performed at the beginning and end of the 4-week program to gauge each trainee’s strength and speed improvement.

Where does Fitness Boot Camp take place?

Fitness Boot Camp is held outdoors at the Crosby Park  near the Community Center, 419 Hare Road. 

How often does Fitness Boot Camp meet?

Camp Badonkadonk participants meet every Monday and Wednesday for one hour during the 4-week program. Other classes may be added later this year. All participants are expected to arrive on time. Camp Badonkadonk starts promptly and ends promptly. No exceptions or delays will be made for latecomers.

If anyone is interested in mornings at 5:30 am or Tuesday and Thursday evening, please let me know.  I need at least 10 people to start a new class.

When does the next Fitness Boot Camp start?

See my registration page for the next date.

What do I need to bring? 

When you come to Camp Badonkadonk, bring the following items:

A water bottle, your running shoes, mat, towel, weights,  and the mindset to achieve more! You can purchase these items at your local Target, Wal-Mart or Academy. You will receive specific details prior to the start of camp. If you have questions, please call (713)569-2074.

Should I use a heart rate monitor?

Use of a heart rate monitor is not necessary for enrollment in my Camp. It is, however, an option that might improve your efficiency by exactly monitoring your effort level, leading to even greater fat loss. If you’re interested in purchasing a monitor you can find them at Target, Walmart and Academy.

What is the cost (investment in myself) to enlist in Fitness Boot Camp? 

Each 4-week Fitness Boot Camp has a registration fee of $50 for one month. You don’t want to miss this opportunity.


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Classes are held at 19207 Ramsey Road, Crosby, TX