You look in the mirror, naked.... you like what you see!....
You're strong, lean & fit.
You feel confident, happy and sexy.
Wouldn't that be amazing?

Can you relate to any of the following?
You are bored with your current routine and have stopped getting                results.
You start a ‘diet’ every Monday
You are unhappy with what you see in the mirror
You need someone to motivate and inspire you
You are fit but want to get fitter
You are unfit and want to get fitter 
You lack confidence and self esteem 
You want this year to be the year you finally did it
You need to cross train and need a power boost to your current                   routine
You are getting married or going on vacation and want to look great

Then Fitness Camp Badonkadonk is for you!

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q. What exactly is the Camp Badonkadonk?
A. The Camp Badonkadonk is a 4 week Fitness Camp that uses resistance training exercises to tone your muscles and body weight exercise drills to build your endurance. We will burn the maximum amount of calories in our sessions to guarantee your weight loss!
Q. How long do sessions last?
A. 45 minutes to 1 hour based on the intensity of the workout
Q. What do I need to bring to camp?
A. All you need to bring is a Towel, Workout clothes, a good pair of Sneakers, mat weights, and a Great “Can Do” Attitude!
Q. What is a typical workout like?
A. The Fitness Camp will start with a warm up that will prepare your joints and muscles for dynamic movements and body weight exercise (Squats, Pushups, Athletic Drills, Coordination Drills, Squats, and anything else we can think of to get you in the best shape of your life, oh… and Squats) we finish with a stretch routine to loosen up those tired muscles.    
Q. Do I need to be in shape to join?
A. No, not at all!. All fitness levels are welcome. We just want you to give 110% and do your best.
Q. Do you exercise in the rain?
A. Remember, we’re in Houston so rain or shine we will exercise unless there is lightening.
Q. Are you going to yell at us?
A.  No, remember we’re not like other boot camps. I treat all of my participants with the utmost respect. I offer only words of encouragement to enhance your performance and goals.
Q. Will I be sore?
A. Most people feel some soreness for the first few sessions. After that point, your body WILL adapt and overcome.
Q. How soon will I see results?
A. Performance improvement can take place in as little as three days. "Visual Improvement" can take from two to four weeks depending on your level of effort. It's becoming common to see a camper go down 1-3 dresses sizes within the first camp. Remember, everyone is different!


After only 4 weeks you could be a dress or pants size smaller